Forensic IT: Exoneration

This PDF is an authenticated IT forensics of IP addresses for Log Ins to a bank account in 2008. It establishes two very important things – for the first time ever in the history of the courts – for US FinCEN and US Banking consumers:

  1. Bank accounts owned by US small business owners can and were hacked regularly in 2007 – 2009 and beyond resulting in over $100M being stolen from American small business owners. Banks were not obligated to repay because the funds were stolen from business accounts (as opposed to personal accounts).
  2. This IP address forensics research establishes that the hacker in this case – LA058151 Los Angeles Superior Court 2008 – worked at a computer located in a Google office in Mountain View, California.


There Is No Justice In A One-Party America: California Case Study

If you think our justice system is broken now, just wait and see what will happen if/when the whole of America is run by one political party. ‘Elections have consequences,’ is a truthism many people have come to understand in recent years.

Take California for example. As a child growing up in California, I knew the state as the Golden State. It offered the dream of the good life, not just for immigrants seeking the American Dream but also for generations-deep Americans seeking sunshine and opportunity for themselves, their kids and grandkids. In the past half-century since my Santa Barbara childhood, all this has changed. And changed for the worse.

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Under the stewardship of Democrats, California has descended into something more akin to a nightmarish freak-hell than the promise of a dream fulfilled. Homelessness, out-of-reach housing costs, devastatingly destructive fires, high taxes, joblessness and decaying infrastructure plague this one-time mecca for people seeking happiness and a good life. The American Thinker has an insightful recent article about California’s descent into its quagmire under Democrat ‘leadership’ mismanagement.

The Perversion of Truth Itself In Pursuit of Power

At the fulcrum of this descent is not just political mismanagement, it is the courts and the justice system. It is the perversion of truth itself.

In California, especially in Leftist strongholds such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, you are virtually guaranteed to have registered Democrat, or at least Left-leaning, judges and DA’s. And since the population is majority Democrat, you are also virtually guaranteed to be subject to Leftist/Left-leaning juries.

Why does this matter so much as to be at the fulcrum of decay? Because the courts are where the small and large decisions are made that define the accepted reality of daily life. When reality is perverted overwhelmingly by falsehoods, you live in lies. California is where people in power make decisions that privilege other people in power. The Left is obsessed with power. It is one of the defining characteristics of the mindset. If truth gets in the way of their pursuit or wielding of power, truth loses. And falsehoods, lies and illusions prevail.

I know this from firsthand experience.

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California, Lost

Back in 2008 I was entrapped and framed in an online banking ACH funds transfer scam. If you are not familiar with ACH transfers it stands for Automatic Clearing House and they are routinely used for automated deductions from your checking account. But for criminals,they offered a loophole. In the 2007-’08 election cycle they were used profusely by hackers to drain U.S. checking accounts of hundreds of millions of dollars. A hacker needed only to get into the bank system and then other people’s money was theirs for the taking; They could take as much funds out of any checking account they wanted. When the FBI finally decided to do something about it, it was already late 2009 and by then the ’08 presidential election cycle was over and more than $100M had been siphoned out of U.S. Small Business accounts. I was one of these business accounts that got hit. And then the criminal hackers, by way of their ‘mule’, turned around and framed me for their crime.

Backgrounder: ACH transfers process more than half of all non-cash transactions in the United States annually. The Clearing House Payments Company LLC is who governs this system and its owners are the world’s biggest banks (see attached photo). Its website is a .org but there is nothing non-profit about this organization. Akin to the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank and has no direct ownership by the federal government, the Clearing House Payments Company LLC is wholly privately owned and managed — by Big Banks.

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In this case of 2008 involving this ACH transfer brought in front of the California Courts, it was documented in sworn court testimony by ETrade bank officials that a hacker or a bank insider would have only to get into the online banking system, and after that there was no requirement to have a signature or a pin or any authorization to access a bank account. The criminal just needed the name and the number of the account in order to move funds out.

But rather than the courts and the law recognizing who the victim was, it was more expedient for them at the time to blame the victim. As the Comey-era FBI has made clear to us, all it takes is a handful of well-placed rotten apples to pull off insider-crimes as momentous as an attempted presidential coup. Someone like myself, a conservative-leaning, McCain-Palin supporting, nobody journalist, was easy pickings in California in 2008.

From 2004–2011 Kamala Harris was the San Francisco DA. Her close connections to Big Tech are well-documented. It may have something to do with the fact that her Jamaican father is a Stanford professor. Whatever the connection, it is of public record that she is cosy with Silicon Valley Big Tech, to the extent that her current communications director is a former Twitter exec.

This is only a small slice of Harris’ track record of cover-ups:

In 2017. Rather than opening an investigation into Planned Parenthood for trafficking in human body parts, California’s then-Attorney General Kamala Harris, a Democrat, filed charges against the undercover investigators, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress. Harris ordered Daleiden’s home to be raided, and using 11 agents, confiscated video research and evidence, in an attempt to prevent millions of people from seeing what actually goes on inside Planned Parenthood. — September 2018

Now, dear reader, if you are wont to doubt that there was a cover-up concerning this matter, I ask that you consider this next point. The only known testimony about this issue on Capitol Hill occurred in 2012. The testimony was given by James Woodhill, a known Tea Party supporter and close associate of then House Speaker Paul Ryan’s. You can watch his testimony here:

Oddly, he is now dead. He died at age 70. If you perform a cursory search online for him you discover an Obituary dated from May 2020. It has led people to assume that he died of COVID. But, in fact, he passed away in March 2019. His memorial services were delayed over a year. The cause of death was OD from street grade Fentanyl. Now, I did not know the man nor had I ever spoken with him. But according to his surviving family members and close associates, he had no history of drug use and was not on any prescription opioid medication at the time of his death, nor ever.

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In my 2008 case, my lawyer submitted IT forensics to the court that established the date, time and location of the hacker/insider who accessed the bank account in question. The hacker was located in Mountain View, Calif. Investigators discovered he worked at Google’s subsidiary, Youtube. This was corroborated by the witness, the hacker’s ‘mule,’ who had initiated the criminal charges in the case. The IT forensics laid out in black and white that the Mountain View hacker, George S., had accessed the bank account on the exact dates and at the exact times as the funds were transferred from one account held at Wells Fargo to this account held at ETrade. At the time, Google was deep in research & development of their Google Wallet rollout. Google Wallet uses ACH transfers to process payments.

The judge would not allow this piece of exculpatory IT forensics evidence as admissible in the case. Neither did he allow as admissible that ETrade Bank had been fined $1M USD for money laundering by the SEC just a few months earlier.

Verified Authentic IT Forensics Document HERE

The investigators never called in the alleged hacker, the Google employee, George S., a graduate of UC Berkeley, for questioning. The courts, neither the prosecution nor my defense attorney, ever called him in to testify on the witness stand.

So despite the fact that it was proven through sworn testimony by the witness, the only prosecutorial witness in fact, and sworn testimony by bank officials, that I was innocent and could not have carried out the crime of ID Theft and fraud that I had been charged with, the Leftist judge, the tampered-with jury and the California courts chose to ignore it.

It didn’t fit their narrative.

The end result? Big Banking, Big Tech and corrupt one-party rule government won. And in the process, yet one more California conservative voice was stamped out, muted and laid to rest.

Serious consideration of the facts and truth would mean they would have had to look at a hacker who worked at Google/Youtube who was using ACH transfers to siphon large sums of money out of business owners’ and non-profits’ bank accounts — with an intent to direct it to DNC and Democrat candidates’ coffers. Evidently, they were incentivized in some way not to acknowledge this. By early 2011 Google had officially rolled out its Google Wallet service in cooperation with The Clearing House. By 2009 the FBI was inundated by reports of small business owners losing money out of their accounts through these unauthorized ACH transfers. And the banks, though well aware of the loophole being exploited, fell back on the ‘law’ that since the funds were being hacked/stolen from business — as opposed to personal — accounts, they were not liable for repayment.

There still remains many important questions regarding this ’08 LA case. Was the Mountain View Google employee acting as a rogue or in a concerted effort? Was this part of a much larger, clandestine ‘underground financial railroad’ padding DNC and democrat political candidates’ coffers? Why would the judge not allow exculpatory IT forensics as evidence in the case brought against a conservative-leaning journalist? Why did the ‘mule,’ who was cooperating with the hacker, file her police report at 3 a.m.? Was her ‘co-operation’ exacted under threat of bodily harm?

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After these particular California kangaroo court proceedings terminated, hackers continued using ACH transfers to drain unsuspecting Americans’ bank accounts for at least another year. It wasn’t until late 2009 that the FBI finally put something up on their homepage alerting citizens to the danger. By then, USD $100 million had been stolen out of U.S. small business bank accounts. Most of it was never repaid by the banks. Pennsylvania’s Western Beaver County School District, who lost $750K in this way, had to take their bank to court to recoup even a fraction of their losses.

This kind of travesty, this kind of wanton fraud against the American small business-owning public, this kind of destruction of an honest American citizen and journalist’s life and family, this kind of obnoxious, corrupt, miscarriage of justice is what happens under one-party Democrat rule.

There is NO justice under one-party rule. Make NO mistake about it. California is our prime example of this perversion and eradication of justice by blatantly corrupt power. Lord forbid that the rest of the country follows this freakish lead.

I am tempted here to add a call to action… to beseech you, reader, to contact your local Congressperson and urge them to pay close attention to what is happening in our financial systems in America today. But, in a classic case of the fox guarding the henhouse, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services is chaired by Maxine Waters, D-CA. Members include Rashida Tlaib D-MI, Ayanna Pressley D-MA and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY, who herself has been closely implicated with Dark Money in financing her election campaigns.

Paige Donner has worked as a journalist for 30+ years. She has written for the LA Times, The Huffington Post, the NY Times and many more.