An American In Champagne – Book Excerpt

From Forthcoming Book:  by Paige Donner

An American In Champagne

A narrative memoir about the 3 1/2 years spent living in Epernay, France, the self-proclaimed Champagne capital of France.

This book is more, much more, than just a critique about champagnes; It’s also much more than a superficial overview about the best champagne houses to visit or where to eat and sleep when in Champagne.

This book is about what life is like when you live in Champagne with the Champenois. When you eat, breathe and sleep Champagne.  There are only a handful of expatriates who live, or have ever lived, in Champagne. And even fewer Americans. During the 3+ years I lived in Epernay, I was the only American there.

And boy did I learn alot about Champagne!


photo by Paige Donner copyright 2014

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