Greening California: Sac Summit Says Happy Green St. Paddy’s Day!

The past few days of the Green California Summit has been chock full of educational opportunities, from working in Green Media, to programs at the Federal level and the City level, to the status on LEED building certification and Retro-Fits.

With St.Paddy’s Day rounding up the 3-day 2010 conference, we wanted to tip you off to the Green Thing To Do in case you were in the Governor’s ‘hood.


Speaker’sTuesday, March 16

Keynote Speaker

Alec Loorz
Founder, Kids vs. Global Warming

Featured Speaker

Fran Pavley
California State Senator, District 23

Here are some of the offerings:

How to Use New Media and Social Media
The evolution of the Internet has resulted in powerful opportunities for communication that didn’t exist even five years ago. From the blogosphere to Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube, vehicles exist for new kinds of marketing and intra-organizational communication that are cost-effective and yield measurable results. This full-day workshop will explore essential aspects of new media. You will learn how to raise your organization’s profile by using new media effectively get the word out about your projects, programs, organizational news, etc. There will also be a section on innovations in green web design.

LEED & Other New Green Building Certifications
(This class will offer 5 AIA CEUs)
Green buildings have been shown be more desirable to buyers and lessors – they promote health and save energy and money. The LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council is the pre-eminent certification for green buildings, and the numbers of LEED certified buildings has been growing exponentially. This workshop will give you an update on the refinement and implementation of LEED certification standards. It will also explore other certifications, such as Energy Star Qualified (for energy efficiency), NAHB National Green Building Program and others.

Green roofs, White roofs, Living walls
A building’s envelope is often overlooked as a potential source of energy efficiency and lowered carbon footprints. Green roofs, which are planted with vegetation, help keep buildings insulated while white roofs cost little and deflect solar heat. Living walls are horizontal gardens offering not only insulation but shading and beauty. Learn from those who are utilizing these technologies how much energy and money they save and how to implement them in your buildings.

Cities, Regions and Communities: Green Programs & Collaborations
Actions speak louder than words, and in this session you’ll find out from those who made it happen how cities, regions and communities have implemented their green program. This information can pave the way for your projects to get started now and for the future.

The Promise of Federal Executive Order 13514
President Obama signed Executive Order 13514 to set  sustainability goals for Federal agencies, focusing on making improvements in their environmental, energy and economic performance. From reducing waste and fleet fuel consumption to conserving water and purchasing green products – this EO will dramatically change the way business is done with the federal government, including federal agencies housed in California. This session will allow you to plug into a plethora of new opportunities at the Federal level.

Where the Green Jobs Are: The Economic Potential of California’s Green Workforce
Millions of federal stimulus and state dollars are being invested to develop a clean energy workforce for California. Are the “green jobs” really there? How important is this sector to the state’s economy? And how can you tap into its potential?

Tweets and Texts: Using New Media for PR and Internal Communication
Communication tools that didn’t exist even five years ago can improve your marketing and intra-organizational communications. From the blogosphere to Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube discover how to using new media to get the word out about your projects, programs and organization, etc.

Achieve Environmental and Fiscal Savings through the Utilization of Federal Procurement Programs Available to Local Governments

How authorized use of GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contracts Help Green Local Procurement Practices

This training course will provide a brief overview of the GSA State and Local Purchasing Programs open to local governments and how these programs may be valuable procurement vehicles for your local agency to conserve both financial and environmental resources. Join us for a lively, in-depth demonstration of how to research Green products and services, find Green contractors, and manage competition through GSA’s free on-line e-tools. Come prepared to learn how using GSA e-procurement tools supports green procurements at the local level.

Kathryn Pamiroya, Customer Service Director, U.S. General Services Administration
Liz Belenis Slater. Customer Service Director, U.S. General Services Administration

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