Greening Beauty – Cliff Notes

Need a Quick Course on Green Beauty or looking to Green Your Beauty Regime? Look no further, Greening Beauty has the basics when it comes to the homework you’ll want to do before you throw out all your old beauty products and replace them with new, paraben-free, green and clean products. [We’re not recommending you do this all at once, mind you. Unless, of course, you’re an heiress…]!

  • A Scientific Treatise on why many over the counter cosmetics are poisoning you slowly and mostly through osmosis…

Of course, we can’t forget what you put ON your body… So why not make it Green FASHION!! This video is from New York Fashion Week…February 2010…

Can’t see the VIDEO? CLICK HERE>>>>

For all you Shopaholics…Summer has sourced the products for you and has already “been there, done that!”

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